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Oct 12, 2017

We interview a man who is very misunderstood in this "bonus" episode of our Mail-Right Podcast:Greg Hague is known for his STOP ZILLOW Campaign and now his

Many of you have heard of this, but may not know the full story. This is about reclaiming our industry as entrepreneurs and agents; an industry we naively gave away over the last 10 years. NAR, CAR and our local boards have their head in the sand, it's up to us! Too many agents are like a frog sitting comfortably in the warm water of the pot. Zillow is gradually turning up the heat and going to boil you if you do not get off the pot!

It's not coming folks, it's here....right now. If you are a licensed agent, your business is under attack. It's our fault, we gave it away. We gave our listings to Zillow, we gave our adverting dollars to Zillow and now we're shocked that Zillow has created a wedge between us and our clients.

NAR sold They sold our own brand? All the state and local Realtor boards are taking a neutral, dare I say ostrich position on the matter.

So it's up to us. The enemy is not at the gate, it's in the city walls and it's setting up shop right next door to you!

Purple Brick
and other third party company's have taken control of our own industry and have better marketing than any one agent can battle them with.

That is why Greg Hue has asked us to band together and reclaim what is ours; our industry. I'm the first to admit when I heard of Greg Hue and I thought he was just a sour grapes agent. After meeting him today and spending 4 hours with him, I discovered he's an attorney with a broker's license and a luxury market legacy he's leaving his family whom are ALL REALTORS too.

Greg has been in Real estate since 1968 and has a sincere passion for real estate and protecting our industry. He's funded this movement with his own money and I think he's created a fantastic opportunity for us to collectively keep the Zillow's of the world in check.
See it's great when agents compete with each other, but your doomed to go the way of the travel agent, the taxi driver and the agent that relies 100% on buying leads when you compete against the big machine that is Zillow, Amazon and Redfin.

Again, if you think this is about sour grapes or chicken little, you're wrong. In fact, Zillow has no impact on my business model, but I'm smart enough to see what impacts our industry inevitably will affect me and my friends who are Realtors and I care to much about this industry to not speak up and get involved. I'm in, I'm a contributor and I'll be a share holder when the offering is made for this new movement to take back our industry happens!