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Mail-Right: Real Estate Agents Show: About Latest Online Marketing Technology

This is the Mail-Right Real Estate Show

Feb 25, 2020

Jeffrey Brogger

Real estate agents used to be the sole source of information for home buyers and sellers. As the MLS became more popular and valuable, companies like Zillow and Redfin asked for access to the data and told the NAR that they would never become a brokerage. Fast forward to today and companies like Zillow and at least a dozen other iBuyer platforms are actively replacing the agent by purchasing homes and offering reduced commission listings. is a real estate technology company that helps agents generate and nurture leads 5x more effectively than traditional methods. STEEZY.Digital’s product,, is a SaaS product for Realtors which increases their sales conversion percentage by nurturing leads with 97% open rates and instantly answering home buyer or seller questions with conversational AI.