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Aug 16, 2016

We look at this great article from the Curaytor team about Facebook paid marketing.  Its gives some great insights connected what a lot of agents and brokerages do wrong connected to Facebook marketing. We go through the 15 main points of the post and give some additional feedback.

1. Think clicks + leads

2. Have a smart lead followup system in place

3. Audience size -- leave high school behind

4. Targeting -- go wider

5. Geography -- go hyperlocal

6. Match audiences to campaigns -- think relevancy

7. Budget -- be consistent, spend money

8. Duration -- shorter is better

9. Ad placement -- stay in the timeline

10. Ad design -- two kinds of clarity: clear message and high-quality image

11. Place links prominently in ad copy

12. Entice just enough

13. “Couple” ads to landing pages

14. Monitor ad performance -- get scientific

15. Innovate -- stay on the cutting edge

A Good Facebook Advert

    using more than one photo in ads

    placing the target link high up in ad copy

    creating curiosity and engagement by leaving the address and price out of ad copy (if a listing-related post)

    crafting an informative, enticing description

    linking to a landing page that aligns with the ad and features a clear, bold call to action

Bigger Picture

    Setting proper goals

    Having a sophisticated lead follow-up system

    Picking the right audience size

    Targeting audience effectively

    Setting a proper budget

    Establishing a useful ad duration

    Designing ads effectively

    Placing ads in the best locations

    Placing links properly in ad copy

    Reviewing ad performance productively