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This is the Mail-Right Real Estate Show

Jun 14, 2017

We hit a milestone today on The Mail-Right Real Estate Agent Podcast Show; we completed our 100th Episode and did so in large thanks to you, our regular and new weekly listeners-THANK YOU! We have a great guest on this show too: Author, Broker, Developer, Investor and former FDIC employee, John Agostinelli of the Agostinelli Realty Group, Massachusetts.

We discuss John's banking background, which offered him a firsthand look at how our government handles loans, rates and even how they report inflation rates...let's just say if the government lived in Disneyland, you'd find them in Fantasy Land. 

John Agostinelli founded Agostinelli Realty Group in 1997 and has been focusing on creating value for his clients for over 25 years. Building homes, helping people invest, buy & list their own homes and now, sharing what he knows with us through his new book: 

EA$Y MONEY and the American Real Estate Ponzi Scheme which he co-authored with his partner Christopher Michaud.