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This is the Mail-Right Real Estate Show

Oct 26, 2016

Jackie D'Elia joins us to discuss web design and development connected to helping real estate agents and brokers get real results from probably their biggest online investment. We thought Jackie would be the right personal to ask theses questions to because not only is Jackie a great WordPress designer/developer who has...

Oct 19, 2016

We have some changes connected to the show. We have a new co-host Thomas J. Nelson, who has been successful real estate agent for a number of years and we also having John Locke back from last week's show to discuss some more the really important subject of local SEO and how to get a real return from your website.

Oct 13, 2016

We have a special guest on the show this week John Locke who is an experience local SEO expert. We discuss what should go on your website if you are a real estate agent to get traffic and quality leads.