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This is the Mail-Right Real Estate Show

Dec 17, 2017

In this episode we have Liat Siegel as your special guest. Liat is experience interior designer who has worked with a number of real estate agents connected to successfully staging properties and helping both the agent and their clients get a amazing RIO results.

She now works with a number of boutique hotels and...

Dec 13, 2017

Our show today was The State of The Industry, The State of The U.S. Market for 2018.

Cohosts: Thomas J. Nelson of Big Block Realty & Jonathan Denwood of discussed the NAR and Brian Buffini (& Company) Bold Predictions for 2018.

We have seen a 22% increase in licensed Realtors since 2013, closing out 2017...

Dec 5, 2017

We discuss the recent National Association of Realtors Conference & Expo which was recently held in Chicago with Karen Conrad who recently attended conference. What were in Karen’s opinion were the best presentations and speakers.

Nov 30, 2017

Take Control of Your Referrals & Grow Your Business

Stacey is the Business Growth Accelerator who figured out how to grow her business and now work with other business owners to help them do the same. Her mission is to help people make more money and find more time. If you follow her work (receive her tips, downloads,...

Nov 21, 2017

Kim Ades is the President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software. Author, speaker, entrepreneur, coach and mother of 5, Kim is recognized as one of North America's foremost experts on performance through thought mastery. Using her unique philosophy and quirky coaching style, Kim helps her...