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This is the Mail-Right Real Estate Show

Nov 18, 2019

D.J. talks about what he has learnt after interviewing over 100 top 1% producers in Chicago for our podcast Keeping It Real. Also he talks about how his firm, went from 0 agents/brokers to 650 in just about 8 years.

D.J. Paris is the host of Keeping It Real Podcast, one of the largest podcasts for real estate brokers in the country where he interviews top 1% producers to find out how they grew their business. Please visit to listen and subscribe. D.J. is also President of Sales and Marketing for Kale Realty in Chicago, and spends his time creating marketing campaigns to attract brokers to join their company. In the past eight years they've grown from 0 brokers to 650 brokers. D.J. also serves on boards related to branding and customer experience and regularly speaks at conferences about what he's learned from 20 years in marketing. His most important values are authenticity, empathy, and humor - which he also believes are the key to any successful marketing effort.